the beautiful 2. edition of the English version

the beautiful 2. edition of the English version

We are excited to announce that the 2. English edition of “the path of the empress” will be out in May 2015.
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about the book

In the path of the empress we tell the true story of Wu Zhao, the only woman ever to rule China. The book supports women to depart on their very own path of the empress.
Being an empress means: to be Empress of your own live.

The path of the empress is a book about female health and sexuality, spread with literary pieces, stories, humor and practical tipps.

The empress Wu Zhao shares with the reader the secret recipes given to her by her wise physician and shaman Sum Simiao. The book also informs the reader about Chinese medicine and the spiritual background of Daoism.

Since its first appearance in 2000 the original version of the book, “der Weg der Kaiserin” has earned cult status in the alternative community of many European countries.

Thanks to the book path of the empress the expression “to be an Empress” has become part of the German vernacular.
der weg der kaiserin, 1. edition

“Der Weg der Kaiserin” has been sold more than 130 000 times and it has been read probably many times as much. It is a book typically passed on from mother to daughter, from daughter to mother or to be shared among girlfriends. It is a book practicioners of alternative health modalities and therapists hand to their clients.  

The book is available both as hardcover and softcover in an ever growing number of editions and has so far been translated and published in English, Greek, Bulgarian, Croatian and Czech.
Russian and Italian translations are on its way.
The first English edition was published in the year of the snake 2012.
Path of the empress, 1st edition

In 2013 “the Empress” has also been translated into Argentine Spanish by Gretel Schell from Buenos Aires.

Now that the second English edition is on its way, the empress is ready to go to Latin America and Spain.

El camino de la emperatriz: Vamos America Latina!

for our future editors:
short editorial history of the path of the empress from 2000 until 2015

The German version of the book, “Der Weg der Kaiserin” was first published as a hardcover edition in the autumn of 2000 through the Swiss publishing company Scherz.

Three years later, in 2003, we launched the soft cover version of the book, this time with German publisher Droemer.
In 2005 and 2006 further soft cover editions were published, also through Droemer.
In 2010, our publisher Scherz merged with publishing house Fischer, after which our book appeared under the Fischer banner.
Since it was first published in 2000 the book has been available uninterruptedly, also through Amazon, where it was always ranked between 1000 and 5000 among the most popular books
(i.e. the book is classified as a longseller).
According to Fischer, the book was sold some 130,000 times in the first ten years since publication. We estimate that by now the number will have increased to 150,000.
In 2008, the book was translated into Bulgarian and, two years later, into Croatian, and published in the two countries.

In 2012 the path of the empress appeared in a 1. English edition for the European market.

In 2013 the book was launched in Greece and the Czech Republic.

The 2. English edition of path of the empress for an international market of “the path of the empress” will be out in May2015.

We sincerely hope that our next step will be Latin America.

If you want to read more about the empress in English before that date (and after) you are invited to do so over at